@ValVin test from #hubzilla to #diaspora
Test with #mastodon seems operational ... but not yet with #diaspora
ping @ValVin
Test valvin@framapiaf.org valvin@framasphere.org

#hubzilla #mastodon #diaspora
Test @valvin@framasphere.org @valvin@framapiaf.org
Does anyone from #diaspora #gnusocial or #mastodon see this post ? This post is written from #hubzilla.

I try to understand what does mean the support of diaspora / gnu social / mastadon.

Thank you :)
Is there a place where i can find a titorial about #hubzilla? It seems having lot of feature but i'm little lost.
Ceci est un test depuis #hubzilla :)
Good day!

Hey, how are you doing?

We've just updated our hub to the brand new version of Hubzilla 2.2 =)

You can check out what's new at:


Luccky you are 😃 Popolon says me he has met you there and to be it was the reason i came back.
I have activated diaspora but i've not yet understood how it works. I'll do some test this weekend.
I think, to connect with diaspora folks, you have to open the contacts page and paste their address in the new connection field (either someone@somepod or https://somepod/someone , I guess). Good luck and you can always ask me or the @Hubzilla Support Forum

I was indeed quite lucky to get to see deevad, 'cause I had just arrived from vacations in Canada, that very day!
I think i've succeed in :) It works with Mastodon but not very well with Diaspora.

Thanks for hosting me :)
Valvin a mis a jour sa photo de profil

Welcome ! Bem vindo ! :cat2: