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Description: Group/forum about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects
About: Group/forum about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. These items are posted automatically via (Mastodon): • On this day (English Wikipedia) • Picture of the day (Wikimedia Commons) • Featured article of the day (English Wikipedia) • Wikimedia Foundation blog Please !mention this forum if you post a link to an Wikipedia article, so other people can enjoy too.
Description: Cavaleiro que diz Ni!
Age: 41
Location: Île-de-France, France
Hometown: São Paulo - SP - Brasil
About: Ni! If you don't see the fnords... they won't eat you. Science, not unlike many other human endeavors, depends on an inherently collective effort, which must carefully balance collaboration and competition. As such, it is indissociable from its communication, and will share its fate: a science that cannot be shared, cannot be.